Servant’s Journal 4.11.17

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Life and Prayer


They devoted themselves to the apostles’ teaching and to the fellowship, to the breaking of bread and to prayer. Acts 2:42


Our daily life has tremendous influence on our prayers, just as our prayers influence our daily life. In fact, our life is a continuous prayer. We are continually praising or thanking God by our actions and by the manner in which we treat others. At times God cannot hear the prayer of your lips because the worldly desires of your heart cry out much more loudly and strongly.


As we have said, life exercises a mighty influence over our prayers. A worldly life or a self-seeking life makes prayer by that person powerless and an answer impossible. With many Christians there is conflict between their everyday life and their prayer life, and the everyday life holds the upper hand. But prayer can also exercise a strong influence. If I yield myself completely to God in prayer, prayer can overcome a life in the flesh and the practice of sin. The entire life may be brought under the control of prayer. Prayer can change and renew the life because in prayer we can call upon and receive the Lord Jesus, and ask the Holy Spirit to purify and sanctify us.


Because of what is lacking in their spiritual life, many people think they must make a supreme effort to pray more. They do not understand that only in proportion as the spiritual life is strengthened can the prayer life increase. Prayer and life are inseparably connected and the quality of each deeply related.


How sacred and powerful prayer is when it takes possession of the heart and life! It keeps one constantly in fellowship with God. Then we can literally say, “I wait on you, Lord, all day long.” Let us be careful to consider not only the length of time we spend with God in prayer but also the power prayer has over our entire life.


Murray, Andrew. Power in Prayer

Pastor Dennis

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